Snow Removal

Thank You to our 2015-2016 snow removal partners!


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Partners provided year-round accessibility on the following trails:

Importance of snow removal along the trails:

Providing year-round usable and accessible trail infrastructure for outdoor recreation and non-motorized transportation is needed and desired by the community. Providing reliable services allows access for those who rely on non-motorized transportation, including transit users accessing stops, and provides opportunities for trail users wishing to maintain a more active lifestyle benefiting their health, environment and our community’s health and well-being.

 History of snow removal along the trail network:

Starting in 2011 TART Trails provided mechanized snow removal services along the trail network within Traverse City and Grand Traverse County in response to snow removal services being reduced to less than one clearing per week on the trails. After clearing the trail with donated equipment, in 2012 and 2013 TART Trails’ entered into an agreement with the City of Traverse City for trained TART Trails’ volunteers to operate a City owned, fueled and maintained Holder with a front mounted snowblower.

The agreement worked well, with both City staff and TART Trails’ volunteers partnering for a clear and usable trail all winter. However, the goal from the beginning was for TART Trails’ operations to be a temporary solution rather than a duplication of services. Furthermore, the limitations of timing (Mon-Fri), uncertainty of equipment availability, and sustainability of a volunteer led effort all factored into finding a longer term solution for keeping the trails clear.

In 2014, TART Trails worked with Grand Traverse County to contract with a private company to provide snow removal services on County-maintained trail between 3 Mile and 5 Mile. Acme Township provided snow removal services through their parks staff as did the City of Traverse City and TART Trails along the Leelanau Trail up to Cherry Bend trailhead. Collectively, the trail system remained operational all winter.

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