Sustainers Circle donors are those who contribute $1,000 or more to TART Trails annually. They provide important funding that allows TART Trails to work towards our strategic goals.

Sustainers Circle donors are invited each year to our Oktoberfest celebration, an annual gathering of the TART Trails family. TART Trails’ Chief Executive Officer, Julie Clark, provides updates on projects, programs and what lies ahead. The annual Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award is also presented to a regional champion of trails.

TART Trails also hosts a number of Sustainers’ events each year. These fun and informal events give us a chance to get out on the trails together and provide a chance for Sustainers to learn more about the network they are helping to support. Click here to view the 2023 Sustainers Circle of donors events.

Gifts to the Go Farther Fund provide TART Trails with the flexibility needed to achieve our vision of happy, active people making connections through a world-class trail network. The Go Farther Fund is used to expand trail connections, pursue property acquisition opportunities, and tackle other critical, timely needs that enable us to thrive as an organization and create meaningful connections. Help us make every home a trailhead.

Learn more about joining the Sustainers Circle of donors here. Contact Casey at or 231.941.4300 for more information.