Connecting the Three Mile Trail to the cluster of school campuses south of Hammond Road has been a long standing and unfinished effort. Thanks to the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy’s recent establishment of the Mitchell Creek Meadows Nature Preserve, there is an unparalleled opportunity to expand the TART trail network and create a gateway for recreation, resource stewardship, transportation, and education in the Three Mile and Hammond corridors in East Bay Township.


Design and Engineering Phase

Design and engineering is underway with OHM Advisors.

This is a community driven and supported trail, and a partnership between East Bay Charter Township and TART Trails, as well as others. Expanding on the existing Three Mile Trail and its connection to the regional TART Trail system has been a long standing goal that will greatly increase non-motorized access in the Three Mile and Hammond Corridors, and help support the health, wellbeing and economic vibrancy of the Township. Design of this important community connection will continue to be informed by the values of the community. Read more about OHM and other regional trail projects here.

Media coverage may be found here:

To view summary reports from these events, please click on the links below.

Public Survey Report – Fall 2020

Community Open House Report – Fall 2020

Stakeholder Meeting Summary – Winter 2021

Three Mile Trail and Non-Motorized Connectivity Plan 2021

Three Mile Trail Extension – Planning Summary Report 2021

Thank you to our Three Mile Trail Conceptual Planning Funders & Project Partners:

Go Farther Fund

Dan and Marsha Edson
In memory of Gordon & JoAnn Grapes, Mutual Gas
Al and Terry Hershey
John & Nancy Morris

Funders & Project Partners

East Bay Township
Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Sally Hanley
Jim and Diana Huckle Family Foundation
Brian and Jennifer Jaffe
Diana and Richard Milock