Trail Etiquette and Safety

Be considerate of all trail users.

Stay on trail to be respectful of plants, wildlife and other property.

Stop at road crossings.

Ride single file when other users are present.

Keep your speed under control – the easiest way to minimize the chance of accidents and show respect for other trail users is to slow down.

Stay to the right and alert others by saying “on your left” when passing.

Wear a helmet when skating or riding.

Do not block trail – please move to the side when stopped.

Keep pets on a leash.

Dispose of all trash and animal waste in trash receptacles.

Please refrain from smoking on or near the trails.

For all emergencies DIAL 911.

Cyclists should use front and rear lights and wear reflective clothing in dim or dark conditions.

Ebike Users: Please Go Slow and be Mindful of other slower users on the trails

Feed the Pipe! TART Trails relies on the generous contributions of individuals, families, businesses, and local organizations. In addition to mailed and online donations, there are fee pipes at the 4th St. trailhead and Cherry Bend trailhead on the Leelanau Trail, and the Vasa Pathway trailhead. TART Trails appreciates your support, which makes trail development and maintenance possible.

Learn more about “What Every Bicyclist Should Know” here.

To report trail maintenance and personal safety incidents that are not of an urgent nature, please fill out an incident report form here. TART Trails reads and responds as appropriate to all reports, but will only follow-up with you if needed. In the case of an emergency, call 911.