Improved Connection to Hansen Plaza

We are working with neighboring partners to improve the connection between the Leelanau Trail at 4th Street in Suttons Bay, and the commercial shopping area at Hansen Plaza for a more convenient, comfortable route for trail users to access the adjacent amenities.

Amenities & Landscaping

We will continue to install amenities and landscaping along the corridor, specifically at Shady Lane and 4th Street trailheads. The beautification efforts enhance the trail user experience, rest nodes and stations add additional designated and welcoming areas for breaks, and native plants support a healthy ecosystem along the corridor.

Fouch Road Trailhead Reconstruction

We have big plans in the coming year for the Fouch Road trailhead, including realigning and raising the trail for stormwater management, expanding and paving the parking area, and adding amenities such as art, landscaping, water supply, and a fixit station.

Trail Etiquette & Safety

At TART Trails we welcome and encourage people of all ages and abilities to get out on the trails for meaningful recreation, health, and transportation opportunities. This year we launched a robust trail etiquette campaign to foster a culture of kindness on our shared pathways to encourage healthy, happy, active communities enjoying the outdoors together.

As we gear up for another busy summer season on the trails, we encourage all trail users — locals, and visitors alike — to practice the three C’s of courtesy, caution, and control. It’s really simple. Be kind. Be considerate. Stay to the right, pass on the left. Alert others of your presence. Ring that bell. Use your voice. Smile and wave as you slowly pass by.


Poetry on the LT | Leelanau Trail

In partnership with Michigan Writers, we are proud to present the Poetry on the LT pilot project this summer. Poetry on the LT consists of work from five poets including Lois Beardsley, Ari Mokdad, Jen Steinorth, Yvonne Stephens, and Mae Stier. Stencils of very short poems will be chalk dusted every few miles onto the 18 mile Leelanau Trail (LT). The poems will fade over time, with stencils lasting two to four weeks, depending on the weather. This collaboration will provide an enrichment experience on the trails and raise consciousness about how poetry builds our interaction with the natural world.

Sculpture | Leelanau Trail

We are thrilled to be working with nationally recognized artist Bill Allen for an installation along the Leelanau Trail. Several of Allen’s beloved animal sculptures are at Leo Creek Nature Preserve, near the 4th Street Trailhead off of the Leelanau Trail. We are excited about the opportunity to showcase a breadth of his work. We are currently surveying themes, as well as an installation location.