Fouch Rd Trailhead Make Over

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re officially under contract to revitalize the Fouch Road Trailhead! The upgrades will include an expanded paved parking lot, improved stormwater management, a slightly repositioned trail, a water station, and a stunning art installation. Construction will be completed by late fall. With the trail’s growing popularity, we’re excited to enhance access and amenities for all trail users. We will be sure to share updates on this exciting project!

Engineering Culvert and Covered Bridge at Leo Creek

The old culvert at Leo Creek, a piece of history from the railroad days, is due for a much-needed replacement. We’re planning to enhance the trail with a new small-span bridge, a beautiful covered structure inspired by Dave Monstrey’s vision of the Bahle Memorial Bridge. If a covered bridge isn’t feasible, a gateway structure will be our alternative. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to make the Leelanau Trail even better for everyone!

Interpretative Panels

This summer we will be installing new interpretative panels on four kiosks along the Leelanau Trail at Cherry Bend, Fouch, Shady Lane, and 4th St trailheads. These new panels will not only tell the story of the trail’s origins but also celebrate Anishinabek history, showcase local agriculture, and feature the latest art installations along the corridor. We hope that these vibrant new additions will enrich the trail user experience and connect folks to our community’s heritage.

Etiquette Campaign

Deeply instilled in our core values is the drive to foster inclusivity and promote the enjoyment of outdoor spaces for individuals of all ages and abilities, emphasizing recreation, well-being, and convenient transportation options. Encapsulated by the ‘Three C’s’ – Courtesy, Caution, and Control, our ongoing efforts center on education and trail design to create thriving communities that celebrate the outdoors and active lifestyles.

We are committed to enhancing visibility and safety by continuing to install prominent signage at key intersections and high-traffic areas. Collaborating with our governmental partners, we work to install speed limit signs and road striping. We have created an extensive multi-media campaign to reach trail user audiences. And we’ve deployed TART Trails Ambassadors with tangible incentives rewarding folks for awesome trail behavior.


Sculptural Panel Installation | Nik Burkhart

We have commissioned local artist Nik Burkhart to create a functional panel sculpture in conjunction with the redesign and construction of the Fouch Road Trailhead. Burkhart’s work will explore the history of transportation in the Leelanau Trail/Lake Leelanau corridor, featuring an Anishinaabeg birch bark canoe, a steamship, and a historical map of the region.

Interstate Now UROK | Scott Froschauer

By using the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative wording (Stop, Do Not Enter, Wrong Way…) with positive affirmations, Froschauer’s “The Word on the Street” series seeks to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet.

Ecstatic Dance | Bill Allen

Installed in the fall of 2023, Allen’s enchanted woodland nature spirits have found a new home amongst the cedars along the Leelanau Trail. This cast of characters seems to be interacting in a sacred dance or ritual, on display for all trail users to witness, and for some to take part.