The 4-mile Boardman Lake Loop Trail is a trail that wraps around Boardman Lake, just south of downtown Traverse City. The northern portion of the trail offers an urban setting with commercial access. The east side is a heavily wooded segment featuring gentle curves and a mix of pavement, boardwalk and gravel surfaces. The southern end features two bridges over the Boardman/Ottway River and an extended boardwalk over the Boardman Lake Cove with bump-out sections for rest and recreation. The western portion features lookout piers, fishing decks, and kayak launches.

The Loop grants easy access to the library, parks, residential communities, and commercial areas including local businesses like Oryana, the Filling Station, and Right Brain Brewery. It also provides a connection to NMC’s University Center, Logan’s Landing, and the Boardman/Ottaway River Trail.

The Boardman Lake Trail is owned by the City of Traverse City, in partnership with Grand Traverse County, and Garfield Township. TART Trails works with the City, County, and Township to support the development and maintenance of the trail.


Access and parking at the north end of the Lake are off Hannah Road just south of the Traverse Area District Library, and at the south end of the Lake at Medalie Park in the Logan’s Landing area off South Airport Road. If you’re walking or biking, you can get on the trail from 8th Street near Copy Central, the Oryana Trailhead, Lake Street, or 14th Street.

Project Summary

The last segment of the trail to complete the Loop was completed in July 2022. This beautiful and highly anticipated Loop is the product of meaningful, high-impact collaboration, years of support, gumption, and hard work from many facets of the community. Thanks to the passion and persistence of countless individuals and trail project partners, the Loop is now a reality and serves as the crown jewel and centerpiece of the TART Trails network. We are thrilled to share this monumental moment with the community.