TART Trails’ Mission

Our Mission: Provide and promote a trail network that enriches people and communities throughout the greater Traverse region.

Core Values

  • Access – Promote safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable ways for everyone to move around our communities
  • Collaboration – Work with community partners to develop and maintain a world class trail network
  • Connection – Foster enduring relationships to nature, people, places and ourselves
  • Health – Encourage active transportation and outdoor recreation to improve personal wellbeing and community health
  • Recreation – Support year-round trail activities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy
  • Sustainability – Contribute to a healthy environment, thriving economies, and resilient communities

Long-Term Vision

Our Vision: Happy, active people making connections through a world-class trail network.

The whole region will be connected by world-class trails, bikeways, and pedestrian-friendly streets linking people to the beauty of the Traverse area year round. Platinum Bicycle-Friendly, the Traverse area will be known for its natural surroundings, active, healthy outdoor lifestyles, and vibrant town centers where everyone has sustainable transportation options. We will be a world-renowned outdoor recreation and four-season destination.

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