Our goal is to ensure sustainable and comprehensive maintenance for the entire trail system. Much of the maintenance on the trails is completed by the volunteers who give their time and talent to ensure the trails are safe and accessible for year-round use.

If you are interested in helping out, please click here to donate or click here to learn about volunteering your time.

Trail Maintenance Includes:

  • Inspect the trail for safety & functionality
  • Repair & replace damaged signs, benches, pavement, bridges, boardwalks, culverts and markings
  • Clear vision area at all driveway & road crossings
  • Trim and cut branches & mow vegetation in trail corridor
  • Clear debris such as downed trees, branches, litter, and excessive sand & gravel.
  • Cut roots under the trail with a scheduled vibratory plow/trenching machine
  • Grade the unpaved trail surfaces
  • Repair soil erosion
  • Remove snow along the trails

Leelanau Trail Maintenance Crew

  • Eric Braverman
  • David Dean
  • Dave Fisher
  • Dick Kelley
  • Gary MacAulay
  • Dave Monstrey
  • Chuck Percy

Boardman Lake Trail Maintenance Crew

  • Enoch Flaugher
  • Jeff Kinney
  • Paul Deyo
  • Mike Foley
  • Mike Deering
  • Luke Miller
  • Ed Slosky
  • William Fromm
  • Katherine Armstrong
  • Laurie Ford