Following the overwhelmingly positive community feedback from the initial Boardman Lake Loop mural project, Boardman Serenade, we have identified a second mural project as a priority for the Boardman Lake Loop art initiative. We are grateful to work with Kiah Anderson to put their mark on our community through public art. Anderson was instrumental in the installation of Boardman Serenade. The commissioned mural by Anderson will also be installed on the Grand Traverse Profile building, which sits on the west side of the Boardman Lake, adjacent to the trail. The building can also be clearly viewed from trail users across the lake.

The goal of the Boardman Lake Loop mural project II along the Boardman Lake Trail is to continue to transform this conspicuous building into an enriching environment for everyone to enjoy – placemaking is at the very heart of it. We want to turn a simple blank slate along the trail into a destination by installing a 15 x 15’ mural that showcases the rich heritage of our region.

The Boardman Lake Loop mural project II aims to contribute to the community and build on the City’s cultural resources – the art installation will stimulate community dialogue between people of all ages and abilities, inspire the mind and senses by creating an unexpected aesthetic experience, and enliven the appearance and appeal of this well-traveled public space along a network of non-motorized trails. People of all ages will walk, bike, and gather as they enjoy this mural, and its contribution to the rich texture of the fabric that is the story of our time, our place, and our lives.

Project Funders

This project is made possible through support from the Bronco Wild Fund and Michigan Arts and Culture Council, facilitated by the Northwest Michigan Arts and Culture Network.