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Message from a donor…

Picture2“Over the years, our family has enjoyed the many trail assets in our region. The paved Leelanau Trail is a favorite, particularly for our daughter Anne who is disabled. She loves going for a bike ride, being pulled in a modified ‘bugger’ behind her father. While the ever increasing number of trail miles continues to represent a tremendous asset for our region, we have become more aware that there is an even greater need to fund maintenance of these trails. Like us, they are all aging and will have needs greater than the periodic annual maintenance historically provided. We believe strongly in supporting those needs by providing funds today specifically earmarked for future maintenance projects. We also hope others will share this same commitment so that as more significant maintenance and repair costs arise, TART Trails, Inc. will have the funds necessary to keep pace.”



The John D. & Susan K. Paul Family Endowment/Community Foundation gifted TART $15,000 to support trail maintenance.

The Brookby Foundation


The Brookby Foundation awarded TART Trails a $10,000 grant that will assist with recovery efforts from the August 2015 storm. 

August 2015 Storm Cleanup

Thank You Volunteers!
August 2015 Storm Cleanup
Storm Cleanup Photos