Winter Trails Guidelines and Etiquette
– Leelanau Trail & Vasa Pathway

All Trail Users:

  • Do not ride, ski over or walk on or over classic tracks.
  • Do not use trails when conditions are too soft.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted on the Vasa 5K, 10K & 25K during the winter. You may take your leashed pooch on the Meadows 3K loop aka “Poop Loop” and the Leelenau Trail.
  • Walk on the side of the trail (with no classic tracks).
  • The trail is multi-directional. Be aware of oncoming trail users.
  • Bikes yield to skiers. Give skate skiers a wide berth when passing.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport – be polite, educate others, follow the rules, support grooming, and have fun!


  • Do not ride when conditions are too soft. If you are leaving a rut deeper than an inch, having a hard time riding in a straight line, or pushing your bike, the snow is too soft and you should not be biking on the trails.
  • Tires must be 3.7″ or bigger.
  • Tire Pressure: 4psi or less. Tire should “give” easily when you squeeze them. A pocket-sized electronic gauge is very helpful.
  • Temperature: Below 30 degrees. If it is above 30 degrees the trails are not suitable for biking.
  • Groups should spread across the skate lane so as not to create a rut by having many cyclists follow the exact same line.