Grooming Reports

Grooming reports for the Vasa Pathway and Leelanau Trail are emailed to badge holders. They are also made available within 24 hours on this page. Get your Grooming Badge to have reports emailed directly to you.  Also check out this Facebook page that is all about Vasa Conditions with posts from real-time users.  Feel free to follow, share and encourage others! 

Grooming updates for the Winter Sport Singletrack can be found on the Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association website. Grooming updates for Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail can be found on Friends of Sleeping Bear website.

Grooming reports are made possible by Short’s Brewing Company.

2023-2024 Grooming Reports

Vasa Pathway Report: #1 Welcome Winter!
Date: 12/4/23
Time: 7:20 AM
NWS Forecast here
Trail Reports available here

Good Morning Badgers!

And welcome to the 2023/2024 Vasa Trail ski grooming season! We are officially underway this morning as groomers Mike and Dave navigate the Vasa trail system rolling and packing the 3” of dense snow that the region received throughout the day and night yesterday. The guys have completed the 5k and 10k loops, and are currently cruising around the 25k, as they make their way back to the grooming barn to close the door on the season’s first outing. They report a beautiful winter scene on the trail, with 28 degrees and apparently good snow coverage everywhere so far, which should make for some great early season skiing! As usual in the early part of the season we’d still remind you to stay alert, as it’s likely there will be some thin spots out there, especially under large overhanging trees. 

Maybe it’s just a lingering sense of thankfulness following the recent celebration of the Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage holidays, coupled with the excitement surrounding some early season snowfall, but we’d like to take this chance to extend a quick word of gratitude to all of you, from all of us, for your steadfast support of ski grooming on the Vasa Trail! We couldn’t be out here without you, so many thanks for giving us this opportunity to once again serve the community that we love.

There are exciting things in store this season on the Vasa Trail, so stick with us, stay tuned, and perhaps most importantly, go ski!!! 

Report: First Day of Grooming Season 
Date: 12/1/23
Time: 5:00 PM
NWS Forecast here
Trail Reports available here

Good afternoon badgers!

Do you see that snow in next week’s forecast?! Today marks the first official day of the grooming season. The groomers of the Vasa Pathway, Muncie Lakes Pathway, and Leelanau Trail are primed and ready to go. Now all we need is a little help from Mother Nature.

In the meantime, please plan to join us to welcome Piper the PistenBully, our brand-new grooming machine for the Vasa Pathway, scheduled to arrive any day now. RSVP for the December 14 blessing here

Thank you for your continued support in grooming 70 kilometers of trail this season! 

Report: Pre-Season Grooming Report
Date: 11/27/23
Time: 4:45 PM
NWS Forecast here
Trail Reports available here

Yes, it is that time of year again when you can expect to receive the latest updates directly from the groomers of the Vasa Pathway, Muncie Lakes Pathway and the Leelanau Trail with reports following their work. Right now, we are watching the weather closely in anticipation of what we hope to be another magical season on snow.

Thanks to your support, as soon as the conditions allow we are ready to groom all three trails and all 70+ Kilometers of terraine. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the way and in the meantime, please plan to join us to welcome Piper the PistenBully, the brand new grooming machine for the Vasa Pathway, scheduled to arrive any day now. Details for a December 14 blessing of the new machine can be found here

Warmest wishes as we experience this early serving of wintery delight!