What is a Trail Ambassador?

The Trail Ambassador Program is a volunteer driven program of trail enthusiasts who contribute to the community, TART Trails, and collaborating organizations.

Types of Trail Ambassadors:

All Trail Ambassadors volunteer to help monitor the trails, pedestrian ways and bikeways and/or provide TART Trails outreach to the community. Ambassadors generally choose to server as one or more of the following types:

Maintenance Ambassadors include:

  • Regular trail users who report issues that they observe along the trail.
  • Volunteers who lead potentially large-scale and long-term trail maintenance and operations.
  • Adopt-a-section volunteers who oversee a specific section of trail
  • Those with specific skills that may be used network-wide, including such as c network with a specific skill set to benefit the trail.
  • Members of the TART Trails Safety, Operations and Maintenance (SOM) committee, who coordinate trail projects related to issues such as site distance, trail surface, signage, and drainage. SOM also operates the grooming and snow removal programs.

Program Ambassadors include:

  • Volunteers who have a specific passion or skill set for enhancing user experience along the TART Trail network.
  • Volunteers who help implement programs are for TART related to the environment, outdoor recreation, transportation needs and or bicycle safety.
  • Program Ambassadors can get involved with existing TART Trail programs or partner with TART to create a new program. The TART staff member for Program Ambassadors is Lee Kurt.

Outreach Ambassadors are volunteers who enjoy ‘talking TART’ in the community and/or representing TART Trails at meetings and events. Depending on the event, outreach ambassadors educate the public about TART Trails in general or a specific project or issue. Outreach opportunities include but are not limited to, trail-side open houses, community events and TART Trail hosted events. The TART staff member for Outreach Ambassadors is Arianne Whittaker.