Vasa Skills Building Trail

The project is a 2-mile skill-building trail course designed for beginners and youth to learn how to mountain bike. The trail’s features and relatively short distance are meant to be ridden repeatedly to learn how to ride mountain bikes over progressively difficult terrain. This trail would provide a different type of trail and experience than what currently exists in the Traverse City area. The trail will allow kids to gradually build their mountain biking skills and confidence – all in close proximity to the Vasa trailhead and restroom facilities.

The proposed project plan is to hand and machine build two mountain bike “skill building” singletrack loops on the forty acre Vasa Pathway trailhead parcel owned by Grand Traverse County. The trail will be designed and constructed with the International Mountain Bike Association’s best management practices to ensure a safe, enjoyable and sustainable trail. Trail construction will include clearing the trail route/ 6’ wide corridor, constructing a 4’ wide tread, supplementing existing soils with suitable fill materials and constructing berms, roll and jump features. This project, including the construction and continued maintenance, is a partnership between TART Trails and  Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association.

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