Smart Commute Challenge

Challenge participation
TART Trails challenges the region to try alternative transportation for a week – bicycling, walking, carpooling, taking the bus – anything other than single passenger automobile!

What is the Smart Commute Challenge?

Smart commute as many days as you can throughout the week to compete against other teams and individuals for great prizes and bragging rights. There are so many social, health and economic benefits, that after trying it for a week many participants continue smart commuting year-round!

The Challenge: Earning points for smart commuting begins Monday, June 2nd and runs through Thursday, June 5th

Challenge Awards: Prizes are awarded during the final SCW breakfast on Friday, June 6th

Participation and Rules          Challenge Log

Challenge guidelines:
• Teams self-select team members and a team captain
• Team size divisions include: Large (50+), Medium (11-49), Small (2-10) and Individual
• Your team’s size must remain the same throughout the week (i.e. you cannot have 20 people on your team on Monday, but 16 on your team on Tuesday)
• The team captain logs daily and final scores via an online form.
• Team captains must log their final score by noon on Thursday, June 5th
• Tie breakers are determined by participation points
• Each Challenge team must have a team member present at the awards ceremony in order to receive an award