Tom Thornton

September 10, 2014 — No Comments

Tom has been a TART Trail ambassador the last two years. He’s been trained by reading the Ambassador Manual and working with other ambassadors at work bees and receiving assistance on problems at Buffalo Ridge Trail.

He and his wife Karen have used the TART trail since it first opened. They have always enjoyed it, and are real excited about the paving of the Leelanau Trail all the way to Suttons Bay and the opening of the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail from Empire to Glen Arbor. This enjoyment is what lead Karen and Tom to sign up as trail ambassadors. They realize what the trail system gives to the area, both for local use and drawing visitors to the area. They currently look after the Buffalo Ridge Trail and Tom helped at the spring clean up on the Boardman Lake Trail. They are year round residents so they get to enjoy TART in all four seasons. There are two things that have been very enjoyable to Tom. First, meeting the staff at TART and seeing their commitment to the trail system and our community. Second, having numerous trail users say THANK YOU for keeping the trail system in great shape. Those two reasons should make everyone who uses the trails want to be an ambassador.

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