Grooming Reports

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2017-2018 Grooming Reports

Report: #32 update
Date: 01/18/18
Time: 5:28 pm
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Wow! What a interesting day on the trail.  James and Mark did a great job of grooming the skate lanes this morning.  James and Glen worked on cutting and removing the downed tree at the 9.5k on the 25k. By the time we were all off the trail today it was 3:00.  EMS showed up to evacuate a skier from the 5k loop who had damaged an ankle.  So Glen went back out to re-groom the 5k that was impacted by the emergency vehicle.  The gentlemen was taken off the trail safely and received medical attention.  Thank you to EMS for their quick response, they know the trail and are very good and what they do.

Tomorrow will include renovating the skate lane on all loops while stopping to put up our sponsor K- signs at each K post. This groom will take a bit longer, so Glen will be starting extra early in the morning. Trail conditions will be posted again tomorrow late morning or early afternoon, if necessary.

If you have time to ski tomorrow do it.  The 3 days after tomorrow look pretty warm.

Report: #32
Date: 01/18/18
Time: 7:12 am
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James and Mark are grooming this morning. They are renovating the skate lane and leaving the existing tracks.   The 5k has been completed the 10k should be completed by 8:00 am.  James is out on the 25k at the 9.5k and reports a larger tree down which he cannot get around.  I am headed out to help him remove the tree. So the 25k from 9.5k to the 21k will not be groomed until late morning or afternoon today.

It is 22 degrees with no new snow.  Forecast calls for some sun today so skiing should be beautiful.

Report: #31 update
Date: 01/17/18
Time: 11:57 am
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The groom was very successful this morning.  We were able to set some really nice tracks and renovate the skate lane on all loops.  There were truck tire ruts across Holiday Hills road ( 23k on 25k loop ) that we filled in and groomed over.

No new snow in the forecast the rest of the week and temps will rise into the 40 range by Saturday. Fortunately the evening temps will remain mostly below freezing which will help preserve our precious base. Enjoy it there when you can.

Report: #31
Date: 01/17/18
Time: 3:23 am
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Steve and Glen will renovate the skate lane on all loops today and re-set classic tracks if conditions allow cutting in better tracks then what exist now.  It is currently 11 degrees with 1/2″ of new snow.

Report: #30
Date: 01/15/18
Time: 7:06 am
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Roger and James are out renovating the skate lane on all loops this morning and leaving the tracks that Jim set yesterday. Roger reports 12 degrees and about 1/2″ of new snow.

Should be another wonderful day of winter trail fun :). Enjoy.

Report: Leelanau Trail Grooming Update
Date: 1/14/18
Time: 12:30 PM

The trail was packed from Suttons Bay to Bingham.  A little rough in spots but hard to beat.  The ski conditions are still fairly good, especially given the warm spell we had last week. Enjoy!

Report: #29
Date: 01/14/18
Time: 7:20 am
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Jim and Mark are grooming this morning and are currently at the 8k post ( 1k before the Wall ) on the 25k having completed the 5k and 10k loops.
They are moving clockwise and report 1-2 inches of fresh snow and 14 degrees.  The skate lane is being renovated and new classic tracks are being set.

It was great to see so many of you out enjoying the trail yesterday.  The sun was dodging in and out of the lake effect clouds and snow was in the air.  It doesn’t get much better.  I heard the skiing was pretty good too:).

The Open House was a lot of fun thanks to so many of you stopping by to say hi.  And a special thanks to Brain Beauchamp, Jim Dombrowski, Madison Meter and the cookie bakers who made it happen.

Report: #28
Date: 01/13/18
Time: 7:15 pm
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Glen and James are currently near the 6K post on the Vasa 25K loop. They have finished the 5K and 10K looks and are renovating the skate lane and resetting the classic tracks as they go. They report about a half inch of new snow has fallen since yesterdays groom.

They have been able to set deeper classic tracks today then yesterday because the base has now completely refrozen and they were able to cut deeper without hitting slush. The tracks are a bit chunky but they should ski well.

A four wheel drive truck drove across the Holiday Hills Rd. crossing again last night and left some ruts.  They were able to fill them in and smooth them over however skiers should still use caution in that area.

TART is hosting the 1st Open House of the season today from 10:00 to 1:00 at the trailhead.  Stop by and say hi and enjoy a hot beverage, a cookie, and a warm fire.

Report: #27 update
Date: 01/12/18
Time: 2:47 pm
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Jim and I completed the grooming at 12:30 pm today.  It was a long and very slow.  The tracks will be very shallow today.  We need a few inches of fresh snow to help us out in the track setting department :).

Although most of the trail still has plenty of snow, there are spots where it is thin and dirt is showing.  So be cautious and always look head for trouble spots. Especially where there are road crossings.

Who ever did that awesome snow dance 2 weeks ago, when we received 16 plus inches of snow,  please do it again :).

TART is hosting the 1st Open House of the season tomorrow from 10:00 to 1:00 at the trailhead.  Stop by and say hi and enjoy a hot beverage and cookie.

Report: #27
Date: 01/12/18
Time: 7:45 am
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Jim and I have completed the 5k and 10k and are currently back at the barn getting ready to head out on the 25k.  We are renovating the skate lane and setting tracks.  Tracks will be shallow and somewhat icy today.  The surface of the trail is cold and refrozen, however, there is wet snow below the surface.  Skating today should be very good. The down hills may become icy once the surface snow is plowed off be skiers.

Caution: The Holiday Hills crossing is very rough due to truck traffic.  We filled as best we could given the hard frozen tire tracks and snow chunks.

It is 19 degrees, winds are from the north at 20 mph and a little lake effect snow falling.

Because this groom is very slow we will probably be on the trail until late morning.

Report: Vasa #26 update
Date: 01/11/18
Time: 7:10 am

Well,  what can I say, its a bit soggy outside:(. Temps in the high 40s with rain. We are recommending that all users avoid the trail today. Late tonight winds will shift to the North and temps will drop quickly and dramatically. We will be out tomorrow morning working to re-create a skiable surface on what we know will be very hard and icy. Stay tuned I will put out a report when grooming commences.

This Saturday the 13th TART will host the 1st of a series of Open Houses at the Trailhead from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Please join us for a hot beverage and a cookie. We welcome questions and comments and hearing about your trail experiences.

Report: Vasa #26
Date: 01/09/18
Time: 7:22 am

I just spoke with Jim who is out renovating the skate lane this morning and he reports 10°, clear skies and no new snow. The 5k and 10k have been completed. He is currently in Jack Pine on the 25k moving clockwise. Today should be wonderful on the trail. As temps warm into the 40s tomorrow and Friday the trail surface will soften greatly. Rain is in the forecast for Thursday which will really soften the base. Please use your best judgment as to whether to use the trail during that time. Any deep marks will freeze solid in the early morning hours Friday and will be very difficult to fill and groom.

Report: Vasa #25
Date: 01/08/18
Time: 7:00 am

Steve and Mark are grooming this morning. They have completed the 5k and are currently finishing up the 10k getting ready to groom the 25k. New tracks are being set and Steve reports 30° with about 2″ of fresh snow. It’s time for wax change. Off with the green and on with the blue:). Temps will rise this week into the low 40s by Thursday with a bit of rain. Then by Friday temps drop back below freezing and into the teens and 20s. We have plenty of snow packed on the trail so we will survive this short warm up.

Report: Vasa #24
Date: 01/07/18
Time: 3:48 am

It is 11° with no new snow since yesterday. James and I will renovate the skate lane on all loops this morning. We will leave the existing classic tracks that were set by Jim and Roger. Conditions should be a bit faster today for skiing as temps rise.

Report: Leelanau Trail #14
Date: 1/6/18
Time: 2:30 pm

Put On Your Booties, It’s Cold Out There Today. Chad rolled Suttons Bay to Fort and I rolled Fort to Bingham. Good skiing if you like the cold. Should be warmer tomorrow.

Report: Leelanau Trail #13
Date: 1/6/18
Time: 11:00 am

Michael Bruns has set out from Birch Point Rd and is heading south to roll the trail to lower Cherry Bend and back. The snow is starting to pack well and will be great skiing!

Report: Vasa #23
Date: 01/06/18
Time: 7:03 am

Rodger and Jim are on the trail this morning preparing it for an epic day of activity on the Vasa. They report -3° at the trailhead and -7° at the 7k post with 2-4″ of new snow. The 5k and 10k have been completed and they are at the 5k on the 25k moving clockwise. High temps today are forecast to rise into the mid teens. Winds are light from the SW. We will see temps rise in the coming week into the 20s and 30s. This should reduce ski friction and increase speed which, of course, increases the width of the grin on our faces:). Its all relative.

Report: Leelanau Trail #12 Update
Date: 1/5/18
Time: 12:15 PM

It’s a Beautiful Day Out LT Trail Users. I rolled the trail from Suttons Bay to Bingham yesterday and Chad just packed the trail today. Still no classic tracks, but classic skiers can easily set some.  I’m heading out to skate it. Enjoy the Sun.

Report: Vasa #22
Date: 01/05/18
Time: 7:30 am

I just spoke with Jim. He has groomed the 5k and 10k and is currently at the 7k post on the 25k moving clockwise. He reports -5°  and 1-3″ of new snow. Looks like another cold, snowy, beautiful day on the trail. Time for a new layer of ultra cold condition wax on the skis and maybe a new layer of wool against the skin:). Forecasts are calling for snow today and into tonight with temps warning into the low teens for tomorrow. We will groom again early Friday (tomorrow) morning.

Report: Leelanau Trail #12
Date: 1/4/18
Time: 4:00 pm

I rolled the Leelanau Trail from Birch Point to the lower CherryBend parking lot. I used the skirt and the skate surface look great! I had intended that we get the Ginzu on the trail before the weekend so that we could set classic tracks, but I have an electrical issue with the teeth servo. It is a bit cold for electrical work out-of-doors, so I will work on it in a couple days when it warms a bit. Meanwhile – If classic skiers stay to one side, I will try to leave the trail you establish. Thanks for your patience! It is windy and cold…be safe! Remember water is important in the winter too.

Report: Leelanau Trail #11 Update
Date: 1/3/18
Time: 4:00 pm

Glenn Martin rolled the Southern Leelanau Trail today. New snow and drifting is keeping us from using the skirt or the Ginzu. I will be grooming tomorrow and plan to do a roll to pack the new and blowing snow and then use the skirt or possibly the Ginzu depending on conditions. There are a number of drifts forming on the trail north of the Upper Cherry Bend parking lot. The section of trail that runs west of CR 641 (Lake Leelanau Dr.) is particularly “drifty”. Enjoy the trail and be safe out there!

Report: Vasa #21
Date: 01/03/18
Time: 6:21 pm

I will be doing a complete groom of the trail system tomorrow morning including setting new classic tracks. Lake effect snow has been falling all day on the trail which will be mixed into the existing base. Temperatures are forecasted to drop into the single digits for the next couple of days which is great for building the base but offers up a few challenges for skiers. Make sure to cover that exposed skin. Many of you have thanked us for the work we do. The groomers appreciate your kind words. It is rewarding work knowing that we are helping to create something that is so important to our community.

Report: Leelanau Trail #11
Date: 1/2/18
Time: 3:00 pm

Bart just finished using the Ginzu to pack the trail. We are waiting for parts to operate the track setter so no classic tracks yet, maybe by the weekend. However, the trail from Suttons Bay to near Fort Road is packed just perfect for skate skiing! Some classic tracks from people using it as well.

Report: Vasa #20 2.0
Date: 01/02/18
Time: 7:30 am

Steve and James are currently grooming the 5k loop and report a dusting of new snow and 13°. They will then move clockwise through the 10k and 25k finishing up on the 3k loop. New tracks are being set and the skate lane is being renovated. Hope you have had a chance to check out the moon the last few days. It has been big and bright and adds a frosty look to our wintry scene:).

Report: Leelanau Trail #10 3.0
Date: 1/1/18
Time: 4:50 pm

Having gotten some packing done over the last two days, I thought it would be good to see if we could get a roll in. I rolled from Birch Point Rd. south to the lower Cherry bend parking lot and back to Birch Point. The surface is a little rough still, but good skiing. Our next step will be to roll with the skirt and then look at a Ginzu groom. Once we get a handle on that we will take another run at the trail north of Birch Point. Be well and love winter!

Report: Leelanau Trail #10 2.0
Date: 1/1/18
Time: 12:50 pm

Just finished rolling the trail from Fort to Bingham and back, lots of snow. Brian reports the trail from Suttons Bay to Fort in great shape, groomed yesterday. So, get out there, take care, and have fun. Maybe watch the U of M game first, Go Blue!

Report: Leelanau Trail #10
Date: 1/1/18
Time: 12:50 pm

We have been working on opening up the trail from Birch Point to the lower Cherry Bend parking lot. Glenn Martin did 4 passes with a snowmobile this morning and I plan to make a packing run this afternoon. Our next step will be to use the roller tomorrow.

Report: Vasa #19 update 2.0
Date: 12/31/17
Time: 12:00 pm

Mark and I have just completed rolling the 25k. We worked on widening the trail and repairing damage done by a lost snowmobiler. The full moon was awesome so it was a great way to spend the last hours of 2017. The trail should set up nicely over night so skiing should be very good tomorrow. Our next groom will happen on Tuesday morning.

Report: Leelanau Trail #9
Date: 12/31/17
Time: 3:30 pm

Yes, there was a HUGE amount of snow on the trail, but with a few passes with the Snowmobile and then with the roller – the trail from the Suttons Bay Trailhead to the crossing on 633 (Center Hwy) south of the Elm Valley intersection, is in fantastic shape! The surface is level, firm and wide, Perfect for skiing, snowshoeing maybe even walking. The snow is still falling but hopefully everyone interested can get out and exercise a bit before the stroke of Midnight! Happy 2018

Report: Vasa #19 update
Date: 12/31/17
Time: 8:38 am

Casey and I have groomed the 5k complete with classic tracks. It will be afternoon before the 10k will be skiable. For those of you that need a long ski I suggest that you do laps and figure 8s on the 5k. My goal is to have the system groomed by late tonight for skiing in the New Year. It is 2 degrees here at the trailhead with light winds. Bundle up!

Report: Vasa #19
Date: 12/31/17
Time: 5:11 am

Casey and I will be out on the 5k this morning. Our goal is to have a nice skiable surface with classic tracks by late morning. We will then start work on the 10k and 25k. This process because of the 16-20″ of snow that fell yesterday will take all day and into tonight. I will send out a report as to our progress later this afternoon. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy this last day of 2017. It will be a memorable one.

Report: Vasa #18 update
Date: 12/30/17
Time: 4:35 pm

As many of you may know grooming was a bit challenging today as was skiing. When Steve and I started grooming this morning there was 1 to 2″ of new snow at the trailhead and by the time we got back to the 24k area it was snowing 4-5″ per hour. Aside from the slowdown it has caused us it is beautiful out here. Roger and Mark are out on the trail now packing the new snow. They will be out well after dark. Stay tuned I will send out a report in the morning.

Report: Vasa #18
Date: 12/30/17
Time: 3:55 am

It is 14° and snowing like crazy. Steve and I will do a full groom this morning and set new classic tracks. Because of the lake effect snow forecasted to continue through late morning we are starting a bit later than usual. This is so we can pack down as much new snow as possible today.

Report: Leelanau Trail #8
Date: 12/29/17
Time: 12:22 pm

Brian Buysse called in to share that he rolled the Leelanau Trail on the north end of the trail from Suttons Bay to Fort Rd. Also, yesterday, Michael Burns rolled and groomed the southern section of trail from Cherry Bend north. The trail is set up very nicely according to reports and the skiing is the best it’s been all season. Also, the Muncie Lakes Pathway was groomed this morning as well, so skiing there should be excellent through the holiday weekend.

Report: Vasa #17
Date: 12/29/17
Time: 5:18 am

Casey and I will be grooming and doing a little trail maintenance this morning. We will be working on the 5k and 10k loops today and leaving the exiting classic tracks. It is 9 degrees with just a dusting of new snow since yesterday.

Report: Vasa #16
Date: 12/28/17
Time: 4:55 am

James and I will groom this morning. Along with normal grooming operations we will be widening the trail a bit as we go. We will start with the 5k and move clockwise through the 10k and 25k finishing up on the 3k loop. It is 4° with just a slight dusting of new snow since yesterday. More snow is forecast for tomorrow.

Report: Leelanau Trail #7
Date: 12/27/17
Time: 2:00 pm

The trail from Bingham Road to Suttons Bay has been rolled and had the Ginzu dragged over it. No track set yet but the surface has set up nicely and is good for Classic and Skate Skiing. Hope to be able to track set next week.

Report: Vasa #15
Date: 12/27/17
Time: 6:23 am

Its another cold day with a little snow in the forecast. Roger and Steve will renovate the skate lane and leave the tracks they set yesterday. They report 2-3″ of fresh snow and 5° at the trailhead. Bundle up and get out side. If you love winter like the groomers do, now is the time. Cause you never know how long it’s going to last. Enjoy!

Report: Leelanau Trail #6
Date: 12/26/17
Time: 3:00 pm

Today I ran the roller on the entire length of the Leelanau Trail. I used the skirt to lay down a skate surface on the North and South ends of the trail. There was moderate drifting in the central section of the trail and that prevented me from using the skirt (builds up too much snow and bogs down the sled). I was able to tame most of the drifts. With all the new snow there are NO bare spots! The trail is very ski-able on all sections, but the middle will be challenging as usual. I did see track out on most of the trail so kudos to you hardy skiers who braved the weather! Going forward, we will soon be able to use the Ginzu (probably next groom) and lay down classic tracks. My intent is to set tracks on the east side of the trail. Please encourage any walkers and fat bikers to use the west side of the trail. As always I am glad to see anyone using the trail, but it would be great to share it in a way that makes us all happy with out winter adventures! Be well and go outside!

Report: Vasa #14
Date: 12/26/17
Time: 6:40 am

Wow! It is cold. Roger and Steve are out grooming and report 2-3″ of fresh snow, -20° and light winds. They are currently at the 4k post where the 10k and 25k split. New tracks are being set and the skate lane is being renovated. With temps in the single digits remember to cover up bare skin (it’s frost bite weather). If you ski alone let someone know your ski plan.

Report: Leelanau Trail #5
Date: 12/25/17
Time: 6:00 PM

Today Glenn Martin rolled from the Heitman house on Birch Point to the Lower Cherry Bend parking lot. He found full coverage and a lot of new snow. We are approaching the point where we can begin to use the Ginzu groomer to renovate and set classic tracks. We also plan to to do at least some packing with the roller in the middle sections of the trail.

Report: Leelanau Trail #4
Date: 12/25/17
Time: 10:00 am

Merry Christmas Everyone! With all that wonderful Christmas Eve snowfall last night, it only made sense to give it a little lovin’! I was able to roll from Suttons Bay to Fort Rd. The snow is still quite soft, but there are no bare spots or big drifts. There is a small tree down across the trail near the 14 mile marker. It’s mostly covered with snow but still an issue to be dealt with. So, now that the all the presents are opened it’s time to get out and play before that big Christmas Dinner.

Report: Vasa #13
Date: 12/24/17
Time: 6:48 am

Roger and Steve are out on the trail renovating the skate lane on the  5k, 10k and 25k loops. Roger reports 10 degrees and no new snow since yesterdays groom. More snow is forecast late tonight into Christmas Day which would allow us to reset track and freshen up the trail on Tuesday morning. Merry Christmas from all the groomers and we hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.

Report: Leelanau Trail #3
Date: 12/23/17
Time: 7:00 pm 

Glenn Martin did a roll of the trail from Bingham south to the Lower Cherry Bend parking lot this afternoon. He found generally good conditions with some small bare spots. We will begin to renovate the trail with the Ginzu groomer when we have built up enough base to use it.  Enjoy the trail and here’s hoping you get some shiny new skis under the tree this Christmas!

Report: Leelanau Trail #2
Date: 12/23/17
Time: 1:00 pm 

I was able to get the roller out today on the LT from the Bingham Rd crossing north to 4th Street in Suttons Bay. The snow was minimal and crusty in some spots so the roller was only able to do minimal compaction. We’ll continue to roll the trail over the next few days and hope to use the Ginzu soon and be able to lay down track sets for classic skiing as well.

Report: Vasa #11
Date: 12/22/17
Time: 3:25 am

We received about 2″ of snow last night which will help us refresh the trail today. It is 27 degrees with light east winds. Roger and I will groom this morning starting with the 5k and then moving clockwise through the 10k and 25k.

Report: Vasa Update
Date: 12/21/17
Time: 5:30 am

A slight dusting of snow fell last night which Steve and I will mix into the existing surface this morning. It is 25° with light east winds. We will start on the 5k then move clockwise through the 10k and 25K. I anticipate being on the trail until late morning even into early afternoon so please keep an eye out for us if you ski today.

Report: Vasa Update
Date: 12/20/17
Time: 12:00 noon 

It is 26° and the trail has refrozen. The surface is a bit rough due to activity on yesterdays soft base. We are watching the weather closely and will groom as soon as conditions allow.  There is a good chance for snow tomorrow morning and into Friday with temps to remain in the 20’s. We will mix the new snow with the hardback and be back to an enjoyable trail surface by Friday (fingers crossed:). I will send out a report when the renovating begins.

Report: Vasa #10
Date: 12/19/17
Time: 10:25 am

Glen just called from the grooming barn with an update. He shared that the temperature is 37° at the trail head with no new snow. The trail surface is soft and will continue to get softer as the day goes on. Temps are forecast to drop below freezing by the early morning hours Wednesday (tomorrow). Snow is forecast sometime on Thursday. We will watch closely and refresh the trail as soon as we conditions allow. Stay tuned for more updates as we look forward to more snow and colder temperatures towards the end of the week.

Report: Vasa #9
Date: 12/17/17
Time: 4:25 am 

Steve and I will renovate the skate lane this morning and leave the classic tracks that Jim set yesterday. We have received about 23″ of snow so far this season. The trail is fully covered and only rarely do we see any sign of dirt.

Report: Vasa #8
Date: 12/16/17
Time: 2:24 am 

The trail received a few new inches of snow since yesterdays groom. It is currently 20° with calm winds. Jim and I will be grooming this morning and setting tracks on all loops. We will start on the 5k moving counterclockwise and then move clockwise through the 10k and 25k finishing up on the 3k loop. Today should prove to be a beautiful day on the trail so grab your skis and get out here 🙂 .

Report: Leelanau Trail #1 Update
Date: 12/15/17
Time: 05:35 pm 

I was able to get the roller out today on the LT from the Bingham Rd crossing north to 4th St in Suttons Baydoing most of this section twice. The snow was pretty deep in some spots so the roller was only able to do minimal compaction (Fort Rd to Bingham done only once). We’ll continue to roll the trail this weekend and hope to use the Ginzu soon and be able to lay down track sets for classic skiing as well.

Report: Leelanau Trail #1
Date: 12/15/17
Time: 10:10 am

The Leelanau Trail grooming crew has been busy getting the trail set for skiing. Yesterday the entire trail was rolled by Pete Ostrowski and Glen Martin from Cherry Bend Rd up to Suttons Bay. Today, Bill Heitman will be out with the Ginzu to groom and will hopefully be able to set classic tracks. Stay tuned for more updates from the groomers.

Muncie Lakes Pathway also got its first full groom of the season yesterday and the report is that there is a lot of snow and skiers have been enjoying the trail.

Again stay tuned for more reports and get out there and enjoy your time on the snow this weekend!

Report: Vasa #7 Update
Date: 12/15/17
Time: 11:35 am 

Jim and I have finished grooming and setting classic tracks on the 5, 10 and 25K loops as well as the special K and wall bypass. We encountered 2 to 4″ of new snow since yesterdays roll. The trail appears to be completely covered and we did not notice any dirt in the skate lane or classic tracks.

Report: Vasa #7
Date: 12/15/17
Time: 3:20 am 

Jim and I will groom this morning and attempt to set tracks on all loops. We will start with the 5k and move clock wise around the 10k and 25k.  The 3k still needs more snow and there a many wet areas so we may not groom it today. There is 1- 2″ of fluffy light new snow on the trail, light winds and its 20°.

Report: Vasa #6
Date: 12/14/17
Time: 7:34 am 

It is 16°, light east winds and 3-5″ of fresh snow on the trail. Steve and Gary are out rolling this morning. They have completed the 5k, 10k and are currently headed toward the wall on the 25k moving in a clockwise direction. Steve reported that a vehicle drove parts of the 5k loop. The rollers covered and packed the snow into the tracks so he believes the skiing should be find. Be cautious and aware in that area if you ski today. More snow in the forecast for late today into tonight. If all goes well we may have classic tracks by the weekend 🙂

Report: Vasa #5
Date: 12/13/17
Time: 7:30 am

Its 16°, light winds and there is about 2″ of fresh snow on the Vasa trail. Jim and James are out rolling and are currently at the Special K on the 10k loop. They have completed the 5k and will move through the 25k after finishing the 10k. Looks like we may receive 2-3″ of snow throughout today. If so we will be back out tomorrow. We will set tracks for classic skiing as soon as base conditions allow.

Report: Vasa #4 Update
Date: 12/12/17
Time: 8:30 am 

Steve and Glen started rolling the Vasa trail around 7:00am. They arrived at the trailhead earlier but decided to wait until the snowfall let up so that they could roll as much new snow as possible. They have finished the 5K and are at the special K junction with the 10K. They will finish rolling the 10K then head out on the 25K in the clockwise direction. Skiers have been reporting the conditions are good however there is still not enough snow to set classic tracks.

Glen reports that about 1 1/2 to 2″ of new snow fell on the Vasa since the last roll yesterday and the temperature at the trailhead was 19°. This time the lake effect snow bands set up so that the Vasa did not receive as much snow as Traverse City. This can change with a slight change in wind direction.

Report: Vasa #4
Date: 12/12/17
Time: 4:31 am 

It is snowing and blowing this morning :). Winds are North at 20 mph and it is 19 degrees ( perfect “Lake Effect” conditions ). Steve and I will be rolling the trail this morning starting around 6:00 am. We will start with the 5k, 10k, and then move through the 25k.  Snow is forecast to fall throughout the morning so our late start will allow us to pack as much snow as we can.

Report: Vasa #3
Date: 12/11/17
Time: 7:21 am 

Jim and Mark are rolling the trail this morning. The 5k has been rolled and they are currently heading out on the 10k. The whole system should be completed by late morning. They report 20°, light winds and 1-2″ of fresh snow since the last roll on Saturday. There is a winter storm warning posted for our area beginning late tonight continuing until Wednesday morning. It is calling for various amounts of snow from 2 – 8 with temps in the teens and windy conditions.

Report: Vasa #2 Update
Date: 12/09/17
Time: 9:30am 

Glen and James have rolled the 5 and 10K loops and are currently at the wall on the 25K loop. They report 24° on the trail and about 2 to 3″ of light fluffy new snow since the last roll on Thursday. The base remains very thin with dirt showing through in spots. If you ski wear your rock skis and use caution especially on the downhills. The forecast calls for additional snow today and tonight with continuing cold temperatures. If we receive enough new snow today and tonight we will try to roll again tomorrow.

Report: Vasa #2
Date: 12/08/17
Time: 7:05 pm

We will roll the trail tomorrow morning (Saturday) starting with the 5k, 10k, 25k and finishing up on the 3k. Look for a trail condition update late morning tomorrow. Forecasted weather is good.  Looks like the cold temps and snow will continue.

Report: Vasa #1 Update
Date: 12/07/17
Time: 5:56 pm

The Vasa trail has been rolled. We had between 2 and 6 inches of fresh snow with the heavier amounts out on the 25 k. If you choose to ski please be very cautious. There is no base and what you see is very thin and not very dense. The forecast is calling for very little snow fall tonight into tomorrow so we will leave the trail be tomorrow and prepare to roll again on Saturday morning provided that we receive the forecasted 2-3 inches of new snow Friday night into Saturday morning. We will continue to monitor weather forecasts and actual conditions and groom in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience as we prepare the trail.

Report: Seasons Greetings
Date: 12/1/17
Time: 3:37 pm

It’s time to start thinking winter. December 1st marks the first day that we can groom. And since we have no snow yet the groomers are busy with last minute preparations. We are excited for the arrival of winter and we hope you are too.

Many volunteer hours over the summer were logged in working on the entire Vasa system. Much of the work included leveling and flattening the trail as well as making improvements to some areas where safety was a concern. Our goal, always, when making changes is to improve safety and elevate your trail experience.

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support of grooming. With out it TART and the Groomers could not create the quality of winter trail that we all have come to enjoy.

I look forward to this new season and seeing all of you out enjoying the Vasa trail.

Thank you,