Grooming Badge FAQ’s

Do you provide trail-grooming updates?  Your Grooming Badge donation ensures that you will receive e-mailed reports, complete with grooming details and the latest trail conditions.

Who does the actual grooming? All grooming is done by dedicated TART Trails contracted groomers and volunteers, who work year-round to prepare the trail for winter use. Our groomers are trained and equipped to provide the best possible grooming conditions for the program.  It truly is a labor of love done by people who share the passion for cross-country skiing.

How much does it cost for grooming on TART trails per season? There is yearly fluctuation due to weather, fuel costs, insurance, equipment and maintenance issues, and other factors, but we budget approximately $40,000 annually for grooming the Vasa Pathway and Leelanau Trail.

Is it true that grooming is also supported by the DNR? Yes, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has provided some expense reimbursement for grooming on the Vasa Pathway. The Grooming Badge proceeds supplement DNR funding to provide the kind of skiing conditions that are expected on the Vasa – world class.

Are you saving money for new equipment? Each year, we set aside funds in a Snowy Day Fund, which is restricted for the purchase of new grooming equipment.

Is the Grooming Badge donation tax deductible?  Yes.  The donation is 100% tax deductible.