Fatbike Fridays

FatbikeFridaysPosterThe Vasa Pathway has always been a multi-use trail open to all non-motorized users year-round. Over the years, bikers have been very respectful of staying off the trail during ski season. 

Over the past few years there has been an increase in fatbike owners locally and nationally. In response to the growing user group and interest in a fatbike race, the North American Vasa is hosting a Fatbike Race on the Vasa Pathway in conjunction with the 2014 Vasa Festival of Ski Races on February 8th. The DNR, who owns the Vasa Pathway, and TART Trails, who manages the grooming program, have also heard a lot from the fatbike community about their desire to ride the Vasa Pathway. Fatbikes are currently allowed on the Vasa Pathway by DNR policy. To help ensure a safe and enjoyable trail experience for skiers and bikers, the North American Vasa, Vasa Ski Club, Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, DNR and TART Trails are working together on “Fatbike Fridays.” During the ski season, Fatbikes are encouraged to ride the Vasa Pathway on Fridays only, when conditions permit. (NOTE: The 3k Meadows Loop, aka “the poop loop” because of dog-walking, is open to ride every day, conditions permitting). Fatbike Fridays is a temporary solution to help accommodate the growing user group. The DNR is not considering banning fatbikes from the Vasa.

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The Badge gets you the emailed grooming reports with Fridays conditions. Badges (high-vis zipper pulls) will be mailed to donors starting late October.

Must-read info for skiers and fatbikers:

Fatbike Friday FAQs

Fatbike Fridays Rules and Etiquette

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