Sustainer’s Circle



Sustainer's Jerry and Sharon Glenn at the 2013 Oktoberfest dinner.

Sustainer’s Jerry and Sharon Glenn at the 2013 Oktoberfest dinner.

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The Sustainer’s Circle is a key donor constituency of TART Trails. Sustainer’s Circle members donate $1,000 or more annually to TART Trails general fund. These individuals and businesses believe strongly in building a more walkable and bikeable community in the Traverse area.

Sustainers regard TART as the Traverse area’s leading advocate for improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities and encouraging their use. Through their support, Sustainers ensure that we carry out the TART Trails’ mission.

Sustainers are invited each year to attend the TART Trails Oktoberfest dinner party, a time when we gather as a family in appreciation and announce the recipient of the annual Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award. Our executive director, Julie Clark, gives an update on trail projects and programs and talks about what lies ahead.

“We enjoy the TART Trails on a regular basis
and are pleased to support your great work,
which truly enriches the quality of life in our region.”
– Pam and Bill Prairie