Grooming Reports

Grooming reports for the Vasa Pathway and Leelanau Trail are emailed to badge holders. They are also made available within 24 hours on this page. Get your Grooming Badge to have reports emailed directly to you. Grooming updates for the new Winter Sport Single Track can be found on the Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association website.

Grooming reports are made possible by Short’s Brewing Company.


2017-2018 Grooming Reports

Report: Final report
Date: 03/29/17
Time: 12:21PM

Good Afternoon Trail Badgers,

I think we can safely say that the vasa ski season has come to a close. The weather was challenging for skiers and groomers alike this winter. I hope that you had as much fun as we, the groomers, did.

Grooming started on December 9th and ended on March 5th. We completed 55 grooms totaling 1485 miles and 918 man hours. The machines burned through 304 gallons of gasoline and 185 gallons of diesel. And although we experienced small equipment break downs no major issues occurred.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Dombrowski, Roger Raehl, Steve Westphal, Gary Keleita, Casey Conn who put up with very early, cold, dark mornings as well as being very patient with me as lead groomer. I would also like to welcome Mark Spence who joined the grooming team at the end of this season.

And finally, I thank TART and all of you, the trail badgers, for continuing to support a truly awesome trail system. Hope to see you out on the trail as we all transition to warm weather activities. 😀


Report: Vasa Update
Date: 3/06/17
Time: 3:45 PM

I have just returned home from a hike thru the snow shoe trail at the Vasa trailhead to check various points on the ski trail. As you all know it’s really warm and it’s having an adverse effect on the ski trail. The trailhead to the bridge is not skiable and there will be little left elsewhere by the time things freeze up again. Although there are cold temps in the mid to late week forecast with out new snow we can not groom.

On the bright side, the snow shoe trail was beautiful. Not much snow and a little mud, but it goes along the creek and is loaded with cedar trees. You may even see a fish or two in the creek. Deer are also abundant so keep your eye peeled.