Grooming Reports

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Below are the most recent grooming updates for the Vasa Trail.  Our groomers are prepared to groom the entire 35+ Kilometer network of trail snow and weather conditions permitting.

Grooming updates for the new Winter Sport Single Track can be found on the Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association website.

2014-2015 Grooming Reports:

Vasa Report: #21
Date: 1-30-15
Time: 8:30 AM

Jim and Roger have groomed the 5K, 11K, the Spur and are now headed in a counter clockwise direction on the 25K.  They report good conditions and that the trail should not be as soft as yesterday.

TART Trails will be hosting an open house this Saturday January 31  from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM.  Stop by the Bunker Hill Trailhead for a hot drink and some homemade cookies and say hi to our hard working groomers who will be on hand to visit.  Ski conditions this weekend should be great! Wear your 2015 grooming badge proudly and we’ll see you out on the trail.

Vasa Report: #20
Date: 1-29-15
Time: 8:30AM 

We have some snow!!!!

Glen and I will start grooming the Vasa this morning at 10:00AM. The delay is so that the next band of snow visible on radar will have a chance to add to our accumulation. We will start with the 5K Headwaters loop then move on to the 11K and 25K loops. We will ask Brian to send out an update later today when we determine what we will be able to do. Hopefully that will include new classic tracks.

Vasa Report:# 19 Update
Date: 1-27-15
Time: 8:00AM

Roger and Gary K. have finished renovating the 5 and 11K loops and are currently at the four corners area near Timber Ridge heading in a counter-clockwise direction on the 25K loop. They report they are able to loosen about the top 1/2 inch of base.

Report: #19
Date: 1-26-15
Time: 6:00PM

Roger and Gary K. will start grooming the Vasa Pathway tomorrow morning at 5:00AM. With no new snow they will once again try their best to loosen up the top layer in the skate lanes on all loops starting with the 5K and 11K loops.

The trail is holding up well but it is becoming densely packed and it is getting harder to penetrate with the grooming equipment. Once we receive three of four inches of new snow the groomers will be able mix that in with the base and conditions should improve dramatically. Hopefully we will get it soon. Think Snow!

Winter Singletrack Grooming Update
Date: 1-26-15
Time: 5:20 pm

The Singletrack has been widened for the upcoming races, no further grooming will take place until we have more snow. The trails are firm and in great condition get out and ride.

There have been reports of signage being removed from the fatbike race course near  and on VASA, hopefully this is due to wind and riders will not end up lost on the VASA because the missing signage directed them back on the Singletrack.

Vasa Report:# 18
Date: 1-24-15
Time: 6:30PM

Gary K. and I will start grooming the Vasa Pathway tomorrow morning at 5:00AM. Predictions are for temperatures to drop and some snow. As of now we are planning to renovate the skate lanes on all loops starting with the 5K and 11K loops. If we receive enough new snow overnight we will certainly try to reset the classic tracks. We will send out an update in the morning after we determine the conditions and what we will be able to do.

Vasa Report: #17
Date: 1-23-15
Time: 6:30PM

It looks like the weather experts were slightly off on their predictions. It did not reach the high temperature predicted for today and as of now there is some new snow falling. Glen and Steve will start grooming the Vasa Pathway tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 5:00AM. As of now they plan on renovating the skate lane and leaving the existing classic tracks. Since there is a chance of a change in plans I will send out an update in the morning after they have had a chance to evaluate the conditions.

Vasa Report: #16
Date: 1-23-15
Time: 8:15AM

Today’s grooming is scratching the skate lanes only. The classic tracks will be set when there is new snow. Current conditions are good with a few thin spots so get out there early because the tracks are holding up pretty well but getting glazed. The 5K & 11k are completed and we are half-way done with the 27K, and once that is complete the 3K will be groomed.

Leelanau Trail Report
Date: 1/22/15
Northern Trail:
I did only the skate lane, trying to leave the existing classic tracks in place. I was having some trouble with the track setter not putting pressure on the snow due to a loose clamp. The skate lane is good and the classic tracks are fair. Snow coverage is good, but watch for ice and a few bare spots.
Middle Trail:
The mid section has a fair skate lane and some classic tracks. The trail north of Shady Lane was difficult to groom due to the big drift east of the orchard. The trail south of Shady Lane has a lot of ice and some bare spots for about 1/2 mile. It is skiable and might make for a good fat-bike ride!
South Trail:
I worked on the track setter, but then had trouble with the electrical switch. I got decent classic tracks set on one side of the trail from the Fouch Rd parking lot to the Cherry Bend parking lot. I was able to get a lot of the snowmobile and walker damage out of the trail and it is in good to very good condition. I think it will skate well in particular.
Going forward we intend to groom the entire trail unless new drifting snow makes it too difficult. If that happens, we will go back grooming the North and South sections, with a snowmobile pack in the middle.

Vasa Report: #15 Update
Date: 1-21-15
Time: 9:00AM

Glen has finished renovating the skate lane on the  5K and 11K loops and is currently at the four corners area near Timber Ridge heading in a counterclockwise direction on the 25K loop. He reports that the trail is in good shape.

Vasa Report: #15
Date: 1-20-15
Time: 4:30PM

Glen will start grooming the Vasa trail tomorrow morning at 6:00am. He is planning on renovating the skate lane on all loops. Because of the lack of new snow, the weekend warm up followed by cold temperatures and skier use the base has become hard packed. Renovating the thinning base deep enough to reset classic tracks that would be as good as the existing tracks will be impossible until we receive new snow therefore he will leave the existing classic tracks.

Northern Leelanau Trail Grooming Report
Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Time:  2:00 PM

Bart just finished a groom with the ginzu groomer to repair the trail from some snowmobile and hiker damage from this past weekend. Skate lane is back to corduroy (a tiny bit chunky do do icy old snow) and classic tracks are set. The trail is groomed from 4th St in Suttons Bay to Shady Lane Road.

Vasa Report: #14
Date: 1-18-15
Time: 6:30PM

Roger started grooming the Vasa trail at 6:00PM this evening. He will be renovating the skate lanes on all loops and leaving the Classic tracks that were set yesterday. Since the temperatures are predicted to drop into the teens tonight we thought it best to groom before the trail has a chance to re-freeze.

Winter Singletrack Report: #15
Date: 1-16-15
Time: 3:00 PM

We have had plenty of activity on the singletrack loop but with no new snow to groom.  While the trail is still firm at this time, tomorrows warm up will create soft conditions and impressions left by any type of use will be very tough to groom out without additional snowfall.  We are asking that users be aware of their impact and to try and keep their activities to the morning hourson Saturday when the trail will still be firm.  The trail will need several hours below freezing temps to firm up again when the next cold front moves through on Sunday.

Vasa Report: # 13 Update
Date: 1-17-15
Time: 9:00AM

Roger and Gary have finished grooming the 5K and 11K loops and are heading back to the trailhead from the 4 corners area near Timber Ridge on the 25K loop. They have renovated the skate lane and reset Classic tracks. They report that some of the water bars in Jack Pine Valleys are thin along the edges of the trail. They also reported that some areas on the 5K loop have been packed hard by skiers and with the lack of new snow some dishing of the surface has occurred.

Because of the lack of new snow near the Bartlett Rd. trailhead they will not groom the 3K Meadows loop today however it should still be in good shape from the last groom.

Please be aware of any damage you are doing to the trail if the forecast for today holds true with temperatures expected to rise later. Any ruts or footprints left in the soft surface will be difficult or impossible to remove once they refreeze until we receive more snow.

Vasa Report: #13
Date: 1/16/15
Time: 6:15 pm

Gary K and I will be grooming the trails tomorrow morning beginning around 3:30 am. We are planning to renovate the skate lanes and reset the classic tracks. With temperatures expected to be above freezing by mid-afternoon, the best skiing should be early on.

Vasa Report: #12 Update
Time:11:00 AM

Update from the Trail: We just got word directly from groomer Roger Raehl that the entire 35K+ trail system was groomed this morning.  Roger reports that while they were out refreshing the skate lane another 2 inches of snow accumulated so they turned right back around and went out to refresh the 5K and 10K loops and reset the classic tracks on that portion of trail. Going back out after a full pass on the Vasa was not the original plan but the groomers wanted to take advantage of the fresh snowfall.  The plan for tomorrow is to get back out for an early morning groom and reset classic tracks on the rest of the trail.

Roger w shovel

Vasa Report: #12
Date: 1/15/15
Time: 9:10 pm

I am planning to touch up the skate lane of all loops tomorrow morning starting about 5:00 am. Classic tracks are reported to still be in very good shape so will probably leave them as is for at least one more day. However, if we happen to get more snow overnight than expected, the classic tracks may be reset.

Leelanau Trail Report
Date: Friday, January 16, 2015
Time:  2:45 PM

It is another gorgeous sunny day on the Leelanau Trail. Bart just finished a beautiful groom with the ginzu groomer with classic tracks set. The trail is groomed from 4th St in Suttons Bay to Shady Lane Road. Skiing will be great this weekend, get out and enjoy the trail.

Vasa Report: #11 Update
Date: 1/14/15
Time: 9:30 am

Jim has completed refreshing the skate lane on the 5K, 11K and Special K trails and is now heading out counterclockwise on the 25 from the Four Corners just outside of Timber Ridge. He has spent significant time repairing the damage from a 4WD vehicle at the Holiday Hills Rd crossing near the 22.5K post, but caution is still needed there. Otherwise, he reports the grooming is going well with just a few thin areas.

Vasa Report: # 11
Date: 1-14-15
Time: 5:30AM

I will start grooming the Vasa trail this morning at 6:00am. I will be renovating the skate lane and leaving the existing Classic tracks.

There has been a report of some 4WD damage on the trail near the Holiday Hills Rd./ power line crossing. This area has been the scene of frequent 4WD activity this season. For the most part they have stayed off the trail but sometimes they have driven on the trail. The groomers have been doing their best to repair any damage but trail users should use caution in this area

Winter Singletrack Report #14
Date: 1-13-15
Time: 9:00 PM

Groomer Glen got out this evening to break drifts from out last bit of lake effect yesterday.  He did his best to fill soft spots, but we’ll need more snow to really buff it out.  The good news is the trail hasn’t been this firm all year long and most of it is in stellar shape.  Cycling should be very good before the warm up this weekend.

Northern Leelanau Trail Update: Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Time:  12:15 PM

It is a beautiful sunny day on the Leelanau Trail. The ginzu groomer is out with tracks set on one side for the trail from 4th St in Suttons Bay to Shady Lane Road. Another groom with the Ginzu is set for Wednesday or Thursday this week. Skiing will be great all week and into the weekend.

Vasa Update
Date: 1-13-15
Time: 9:00AM

With below zero temperatures overnight and very little new snow we will not be grooming the Vasa trail today. For those skiers who brave the cold temps today expect to find a little fresh powder on top of a hard base.

Leelanau Trail Report Update: 1/13/2015

Over the weekend, Glenn and I did some packing on the southern portion of the LT with the snowmobile. There are some big drifts south of Birch Point that we are taming so that we can groom with the Ginzu for the upcoming weekend.
As Nick has noted, we have a new grooming strategy for the Leelanau Trail this winter. The heavy snows last winter took a toll on the equipment and the groomers. The worst drifting is in the middle section of the trail and it is also the least skied section. We hope that we can do more grooming for less cost on the more heavily used north and south portions. Feed-back from trail users is, as always, encouraged!

Vasa Report: #10
Date: 1-11-15
Time: 7:00PM

Glen will start grooming the Vasa Pathway tomorrow (Monday) morning at 6:00AM. He will start on the 5K Headwaters loop, move to the 11K loop and finish on the 25K loop. He will leave the existing Classic tracks that were set this morning and renovate the skate lane. If anything changes during his groom we will send out an update in the morning.

Winter Singletrack Report: # 12
Date: 1-11-15
Time: 8:30 pm

John groomed all the trails today and they are beginning to really firm up into a nice base. With little to no snow it the forecast we will be waiting until we have significant snowfall to groom again.

Winter Singletrack Report: #11
Date: 1-10-15

The trail had several drifts today and Groomer Mike packed the trail this afternoon. John will be out at 5:30 am Sunday to pack or groom the trail as required. We should see the trail firming up with the warmer temperatures tomorrow.

Leelanau Trails Update: Saturday, January 10, 2015
Time:  9:15 AM

Good morning Leelanau Trail users, grooming on the Leelanau Trail has begun! The Leelanau Trail has been rolled from 4th St in Suttons Bay to Shady Lane Road, it was packed on Thursday and rolled again this morning. A final groom with the Ginzu and tracks set is coming soon. All of the fresh snow is requiring more rolling and packing but the trail is skiable, many skiers already out.

This is season the Leelanau Trail will see more grooming on the “ends” and less in the middle due to heavy drifting and lack of use in the middle. Expect better grooming from 4th St in Suttons Bay to Shady Lane and from Lakeveiw Hills Rd to Cherry Bend Rd.

Enjoy the trails this weekend!

Vasa Report:#9
Date: 1-10-15
Time: 7:00PM

Roger and I will start grooming the Vasa tomorrow morning at 3:30AM. We will start with the 5 and 11K loops and finish on the 25K loop. We will reset Classic tracks on all loops. It should be another great day to enjoy winter.

Vasa Report: #8
Date: 1-9-15
Time: 4:00PM

Roger and I rolled the entire Vasa trail system to help pack down the 3-6 inches of new snow that fell since yesterdays groom. After we finished rolling we set Classic tracks and fresh corduroy on the 5 and 11K loops. Since it was still snowing quite hard at times and there were only four cars in the parking lot we decided to let the trail set up overnight and wait until tomorrow to set tracks on the 25K loop. We are starting to get a nice base built up.

Glen and Gary K. plan to start tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 3:30 and groom the entire trail system. They will set Classic tracks as they go. I will send out an update in the morning after I hear from them. It should be an awesome weekend to get outside and enjoy the snow.

Vasa Report: #7 Update
Date: 1/9/2015
Time:10:10 AM

Quick update from the trail folks:

Jim and Roger were out early this morning packing and rolling the entire 35k+ Vasa Trail. Despite cold and slow conditions the trail is looking great and the skiing should be quite nice.
The plan for later today is to head back out with the Tidd Tech and Ginzu to set classic tracks on the 5K and 10K loops.  Jim will send an update with more information once that is completed.

Winter Singletrack Update: 1-9-2015
Time: 2:15 PM

Groomer Tim just got off the trail making packing sled pass to break drifts and compress the last of the heavy snow we have received.  The extra grooming has paid off in a much firmer base than we had just a couple days ago.  With lake effect tapering off and slightly warmer temps ahead, it should be a great weekend of skiing and riding.

Next groom to be determined by conditions and snow accumulation.


Vasa Report: #7
Date: 1-9-15
Time: 5:00AM

Roger and I will start rolling the Vasa this morning at 6:00AM. Judging from the amount of snow we received overnight it may take a while to complete the process. We will try to send out an update after we see how things are going.

Winter Singletrack Update: 1-9-2015
Time: 8:15 AM

John got out yesterday evening and packed and plowed the trail with the combination V blade making a pass on the entire system during the tail end of the snow storm.  Groomer Tim is headed out this morning for an additional packing pass and to break drifts.  Despite the wind, conditions should be relatively good for fatbikes and skis.

Next groom will be pending lake effect impact this afternoon.

Vasa Report: # 6 Update
Date: 1-8-15
Time: 9:00AM

Glen and Gary K. have finished rolling the 5 and 11K loops on the Vasa. Currently they are back at the barn troubleshooting some electrical problems with one of the snowmobiles. Once that is fixed they will head out onto the 25K loop to roll that section. As of now there are no Classic Tracks set. It will depend on how long it takes for the repairs, to finish rolling the 25K, and how close the next storm is this afternoon on whether they will be able to set tracks today.

Vasa Report: # 6
Date: 1-7-15
Time: 6:30PM

It was a long day grooming on the Vasa today. When we left town this morning at 5:30AM there was just a dusting of new snow in town and we debated on whether to groom or not. As it turns out we had plenty of snow to groom. We groomed the 5 and 11K and set Classic tracks which were covered by the time we finished packing the 25K loop.

Glen and Gary K. are planning on grooming tomorrow morning starting at 6:00am. If it is snowing like it did today they may delay their start time until it tapers off a bit. I will send out an update tomorrow after they report in from the trail.


Winter Singletrack Updatebuffedout
Date: 1-7-2015
Time: 8:15 PM

Glen got out this evening and packed and plowed the trail with the combination V blade and it’s firming up better than we expected with the cold temps.  Riding and skiing conditions are very good with a thin to medium firm base and more snow on the way tomorrow afternoon.




Vasa Report: #5 Update
Date: 1/7/2015

What a day out there! It’s 8F, the warmest it’s been all day and blowing steady out of the WNW at 17 MPH.  Yikes! And yet, our groomers made it out this morning before most of us ventured out from under the covers to give it a go and groom the trail system.  As you can imagine it was a tough day out there for them.  Jim reports that once they completed the 5K with the Tidd Tech and Ginzu they went on to complete the 10K and when they finished it looked like the 5K hadn’t even been touched.  The wind drifting snow cased the machines to jam up a few times and they ended up stuck and having to dig their way out.  But still they forged ahead and completed the task after a trip to the barn to swap out gear and rolled all 25K.

That said, while everything has been packed, the snow accumulations have all but buried any signs of existing classic tracks and it will be soft and slow on most of the trail.  Stay tuned for more reports in the morning and if you do make it out, post a photo on our Facebook page and tell us how it was.

Vasa Report: #5
Date: 1-7-15
Time: 5:00AM

Roger and I will start grooming the Vasa Pathway this morning at 6:00am. We will call in to Brian so that he can send out an update later this morning.

Winter Singletrack Update: 1-6-2015
Time: 5:15 PM

Groomer Dave got out this afternoon a little earlier than planned and made a single pass. It’s still packing in nicely though a bit dry and soft, 2 to 3 PSI will be the money range for bikes.  It’s less windy in the woods so get out and enjoy!

Vasa Update: Tuesday January 6, 2015
Time: 10:00AM

With Glen and Roger rolling the trail on Sunday afternoon the snow had a chance to set up overnight and Gary and I were able to get the Ginzu and Tidd Tech out yesterday. The skate lane is probably 95%+ covered with a base of about 2 inches in most spots along the trail. There are still some thin spots. Classic tracks have been set and we noticed a few places where dirt is visible in the bottom of the tracks. In some spots the tracks are not as smooth or deep as we like because of the thin base and the tracksetter being influenced by imperfections in the trail. All this being said the conditions are the best they have been this season.

Because of the thin base we will not groom again until we get some more snow. Continuing to groom with no new snow would only enlarge the existing bare spots and expose new ones.

Winter Single Track Update: 1-6-2015
Time: 8:45 AM

Patrick and Mike groomed two passes on the main loop and kinglet and also opened up the red trail which we were unable to get to previously.  It’s packing in nicely with only an occasional thin spot. The snow type is very loose and dry so it will take time or warmer temperatures to form a really firm base.  Groomer Dave will be going out this evening after 5:00 and we’ll make the next pass upon getting fresh snow.


Vasa Update:  Monday January 5, 2015

skate lane and classic track

Jim and Gary K. are currently grooming with the snowmobiles pulling the Ginzu and TidTech groomers. They have completed the 5K Headwaters loop, the Anita Hill loop and are now on the 10K trail. After the 10K they will be grooming the 25K trail counter-clockwise. With about 2 inches of new snow added to the the 4 to 6 inches that were rolled/packed last night they report about 2 inches of base in most areas. The corduroy and classic tracks are both looking good.


Vasa Report: #04
Date: Sunday January 4, 2015

Glen and Roger will start rolling the Vasa trail this afternoon at 5:00pm. Glen reports that about 3 to 4 inches of new snow has fallen since this morning at the trailhead. Since it is still snowing and blowing they plan to leave the snow comb up on the rollers. This will leave a surface with larger groves that will hopefully fill with snow overnight and help build the base. The trail will still be skiable even though it will not have the familiar corduroy.

We will continue to monitor the weather overnight and plan on grooming tomorrow morning. We will send out an update when we determine a start time for tomorrow.

Winter Single Track Update: 1-4-15
Time: 10:00pm

Glen groomed the entire Winter Sports Singletrack this evening. You should find a nice compact base with two to three inches of fresh powder on the trail for Monday. Mike and Patrick will be going out tonight about 5:30pm with both the big machines to groom the trail.

Winter Single Track Update: 1-3-15
Time: 10:00pm

This morning the Singletrack loop was compacted by both the mini groomer and the larger machines, conditions currently are soft and thin.  New maps were posted at intersections for improved way finding this morning as well, feedback is appreciated so please send comments to

Vasa Report: #03
Date: Friday January 2, 2015

Jim and Glen have reported from the trail that the 5K and 10K loops have been rolled and they are now completing the 25K section of the Vasa.  Snow depths range between 1-4″ at this point and the rollers are turning up some leaves and dirt, so you may want to use rock skis if you venture out today.  Packing down this snowfall will help set things up for the additional snow we are expected to receive over the weekend.

Vasa Report: #02
Date: Thursday January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Gary K. and I will head out to the Vasa tomorrow morning at 6:00am. What we will be able to do grooming wise will depend on the conditions we find when we arrive at the trailhead. At the very least we expect to be able to roll the trails and with any luck and enough snow we may be able to groom with the Ginzu and Tidd Tech. We will send out an update in the morning with more details.

 Vasa Update :  Thursday December 18, 2014

Good news from the trail:  Jim D. and Glen R. just called from the Headwaters 5K loop to report that they are out with the rollers and have found conditions favorable to forge ahead and continue to roll the entire 25K and 10K loops yet this morning.  Their report includes warning of some bare spots on the trail, so beware of exposed ground in some areas. If you are out on skis you may want to consider your rock skis or B-setup. Hopefully this pass with the rollers will pack the frost into the ground so that any additional snow will be more likely to stick around longer and add to our base.

Additionally, we hear that our friends at Timber Ridge have been grooming and conditions on their trails are in great condition according to skiers who have been out last night and this morning.

Vasa Report: #01
Date: Wednesday December 17, 2014

Glen and I will attempt to roll the Vasa trail tomorrow (Thursday) morning starting about 8:00am. The delay is to allow more snow to accumulate and for the ground to hopefully freeze after the warm temperatures and rain we have received lately. We will send out an update in the morning after we get on the trail. If the ground is still too soft or we do not get enough snow and the snowmobiles are causing more harm than good we will abort our grooming attempts.


Reports from 2013-2014 Season